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HUD homes are some of the hottest and best properties on the market today! Whether you are a first time home buyer, a move-up homeowner, or investor, HUD properties are for you!  Call Scott today to get your HUD or Foreclosure home.  Please make sure that if you want a home that you are working with a HUD Registered Broker.  Many agents are not registered to sell HUD properties.  Please ask your agent if they have a valid NAID number and can bid on HUD homes.

What is a HUD Home?
FAQ #1: Who is eligible to buy a HUD home?
FAQ #2: Is there an online resource to find HUD homes?

FAQ #3: Does HUD offer discount or sale programs?
FAQ #4: Does HUD provide financing?
FAQ #5: I'm ready to buy, what's my next move?
FAQ #6: How does the HUD closing process work?
FAQ #7: Can investors buy HUD properties?
FAQ #8: When will HUD respond to my offer?
FAQ #9: Does HUD connect utilities on their properties?

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