Covering The DFW Market


As a property manager our service is similar to what a REALTOR does for a seller of a house, but our efforts are all encompassing for the owner.

1. We prepare a market analysis.

2. We list the property in MLS for lease.

3. We include it in our continuous marketing campaign.

4. We show the property to prospective tenants.

5. We qualify applications with a rigorous qualification process including credit check, rental history, income documentation, and criminal background screening.

6. Once the applicant is approved, we prepare the lease and meet with the tenant to review the entire lease so they understand their obligations. We collect the security deposits and prorated rents.

7. We perform a detailed walk through of the property for the incoming tenant. Prior to move-in, we ensure the property is in compliance with State of Texas laws and regulations.

8. Upon move-in, we require the tenant to return to us a MOVE-IN INVENTORY form, within 48 hours, so that they document and detail the condition of the property. That way when they move out, they will have noted those things that they do not want deducted from their deposit.

9. We collect rent during the term of the lease.

10. At the end of the end of the primary lease term, we along with you the owner, determine whether we want to renew and extend the lease and at what rate. If offered, we prepare the lease renewal documents.

11. At the end of the year, we provide for our owners a detailed summary of all income and expenses for the property and prepare the required Internal Revenue Service reporting. All you then have to do is deliver the 1099 and the Annual Summary Report to your accountant

12. When the tenant vacates, we prepare a Deposit Disposition Document for the tenant and submit the security deposit back to the tenant within the time allowed by law.

13. And then we perform a make-ready for the property so that we can start the process all over again.

During the time that the tenant is leasing the property, we collect rents, take calls from the tenant for any repairs that are necessary and determine whether they are tenant repairs or owner repairs. Our vendors who perform the make-ready as well as the repairs have worked with our company for years. Their prices are competitive and their response to service calls is timely. They are not on the pay roll, but are independent contractors who work at our request. There are no up-charges for the work that they perform.

If you have interest in our services, please contact us. We are happy to provide you with a copy of our Management Agreement and a list of owner references.